Grant Guidelines


(Revised February, 2018)


Youth As Resources offers funding for community organizing efforts that are designed and carried out by Baltimore young people.


-Young people who want to dedicate themselves to addressing problems and meeting critical community needs are invited to apply.

-Applicants must identify a sponsoring organization with a non-profit status such as a community organization, youth group, church or school.

-There is no lower age limit for program participants. 

-The upper age limit for program participants is 23.  The youth contact person (the youth leader responsible for the program) must be at least 11 years old.-Funding requests may be up to $3,500.  The average grant is $2,700.


Projects funded will be those:

-That address a critical community problem(s);

-Where young people come up with the idea, create the plan, do the work and make the decisions;

-That can be started and carried out by the same group of young people.

-That are long term and make a lasting change; and

-That have a realistic budget and solid plan.


Youth As Resources grants will ONLY consider stipends for youth organizers for renewal requests* A stipend is a payment, such as a salary, allowance, honorarium and/or offering for services rendered.  Examples of stipends include paying youth to implement the project, paying a DJ for an event or giving a fixed honorarium to a professional dancer to teach step classes etc… However, YAR will cover expenses like bus fare and baby-sitting to help young people participate in the programs they designed.

Youth As Resources will consider youth-led businesses as long as the business is intended to strengthen the community by addressing a critical need.

Youth As Resources will give preference to initiatives where young people directly address a critical community problem (like organizing to change a policy and/or practice or providing safe spaces for younger children).  Youth As Resources will also consider indirect projects (like raising money to renovate vacant houses) as long as the youth are in charge of the project once the money is raised.

RENEWAL POLICY: The YAR grant period is one-year.  All groups who have received a YAR grant for any period of three or more years are ineligible to apply for a YAR grant for a two-year period.  For example, if a group received funding in the Fall 2017, Fall 2018 and Fall 2019 grant cycles the earliest they could reapply would be Fall 2012.

YAR will consider requests for stipends for youth project initiators for renewal request with the following conditions:

(1)   Stipends can ONLY be used to compensate HIGH SCHOOL age youth project organizers;

(2)   A final report must be submitted with evidence of success in meeting  the intitial goals for change; and

(3)   Stipends cannot exceed 25% of the total YAR request.