Youth As Resources


 Welcome to Youth As Resources (YAR)

YAR’s Impact in the Community

  • Completed 48 funding cycles distributing well over $800,000 to 473 youth-led projects aimed to strengthen Baltimore City neighborhoods and make institutional change.

  • Organized to get the Baltimore City school district to implement an annual school police report card to rate student/school police relationships and to get student demands included in the new policies and general orders for school police.  Added our strength to other grassroots organizations in successfully defeating all efforts to arm school police.

  • Provided knowledge-based employment for 47 youth year-round and/or in the summer to train and support over 200 of their peers annually as community organizers, leaders and project planners.


Mission Statement

Youth As Resources (YAR) is a youth-led grantmaking, community organizing and leadership development organization.  We provide the funding (grants), training and support our peers need to develop projects that address our critical issues and make positive change in the community.


Value Statement

Youth As Resources values:

-Youth power and decision making
-Including all communities of color
-Self-empowerment/community control
-Sustainable community change
-Youth leadership
-Nurturing and supporting each other