About Us

Founded in 1994, Youth As Resources, (YAR) is a youth-led  grant making, community organizing and leadership development organization that helps youth address their most critical community problems through organizing to make change.

As mandated by our by-laws, YAR is governed by a majority youth Board of Directors currently comprised of 23 youth (ages 14 – 24) and 2 adults.




Through the efforts of youth on our Board each year over 250 of our peers are involved in creating community organizing initiatives supported by YAR funds. YAR has two grant cycles a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. 




 YAR provides employment for experienced and skilled YAR youth board members through Task Force. Task Force provides peer-to-peer training and support on community organizing, issue advocacy, organizational development, project planning and implementation and grant writing. Task Force members are also responsible for providing direct organizing around the Board’s issue priorities including the organizing of school climate clubs and the facilitation of disability awareness and inclusion workshops.   




Approximately 300 youth are trained as community organizers, grant writers and program planners through our Task Force initiative.  




YAR trains and supports the next generation of non-traditional philanthropic, community and civic leaders.  Former YAR youth leaders include many non-profit and youth development executives and managers, teachers, a social worker, an Emmy award winning journalist and community leaders. 


We couldn’t do it without you!  Youth As Resources is currently supported by: The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Fund for Change, Associated Jewish Charities — Macht Philanthropic Fund, the Baltimore City Public School System, the Baltimore Community Foundation, the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Local Committee, the Jane and Worth B. Daniels, Jr. Fund, the Betty Lee and Dudley P. Digges Memorial Fund, Robert DH Harvey Fund, Bend the Arc., Disability Rights, Maryland, fee-for-service, individual and Board contributions.